How to Create a Secret Facebook Group

Just in case you didn’t know, there is actually a way to create a secret Facebook group that only you and people you invite can see.

If you are interested in creating a top secret group for only your friends, your family, co-workers or whatever, follow the steps below.

How to Create A Secret Facebook Group

  1. Go to Facebook’s main menu.
  2. Click group headings.
  3. Now click the “Create Group” option.
  4. Select your group’s privacy settings. The options are: Open, Closed, and Secret. Since we want this group to be a secret group that only people you invite can see, simply select the “Secret” option under privacy settings.
  5. Choose an icon for your new group.
  6. Select an image for your group.
  7. Add a description for your group.
  8. Edit group settings.
  9. Edit member and admin settings to determine if anyone can add and approve members.
  10. Configure your group’s email settings and url.
  11. Inivite new members.
  12. Save your group’s settings.
  13. Done.

Now you know how to create a a secret Facebook group. Online privacy is becoming more and more important every day, not everyone should have access to everything you post or do online, knowing how to create secret groups will surely help you strengthen your online privacy.

[Hat-Tip: Mashable]

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